White, Yellow, Plastic Disposable Apron Suppliers Manufacturers Price

PE Aprons are a manufacturer of plastic aprons, ranging from standard to bespoke, made to measure specialist disposable aprons for importer, trader, brander, and distributor. And we have our own factory in Weifang, China, not a trading company.


White, yellow, plastic disposable apron made from HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE with the lowest price. Both are available in the color yellow, white, but some other customers need it in pink or customized. The thickness of the apron is from 10 microns to 40 microns, weight is from 5. 0gram to 30gram, while many manufacturers and suppliers are nearly the same in this.

Not only the disposable aprons are strong to resistant to fluid and bacteria but also can Effective protect against liquid and waste. Light duty, these plastic apron features. The packaging of polythene aprons are bags or boxes, Japanese customers and medical customers need to fold them one by one, and some medical customers need to pack them in a pouch.

Indeed, all of our disposable apron range suits a variety of different work environments. In fact, not only suitable for nursing homes to catering businesses and schools but our high-quality products have been designed to give you the best value for your money. From protective children’s aprons through to disposable plastic aprons for convenience.

To tell the truth, as a plastic and disposable aprons manufacturer, we have cooperated with many countries wide. PE Aprons is a qualified factory among many disposable plastic apron manufacturers and suppliers in China, not a trading company.


So, want to customize your own disposable apron? Send us an email or simply click the online chat to get the lowest price right away.

Professional disposable plastic apron manufacturers in China, the best disposable aprons suppliers for you.


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