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We are China’s leading manufacturer of disposable plastic aprons. These disposable aprons are used almost everywhere since they are inexpensive and simple to obtain. They are also simple to use. PE aprons are not disposable and are mostly used in the fish market or industry. They are less expensive than PVC and TPU aprons and have excellent tensile and elongation properties, as well as the ability to repel water, oil, acidic, alkaline, blood, and other liquids. They are also very soft.

Plastic aprons are all made of film, while PE aprons are made of PE film. Various clients require different dimensions and thicknesses. HDPE and LLDPE are used to manufacture PE aprons, with some LDPE added to make them shine and appear nicer.

Customers in Japan bought a lot of 70*120cm disposable aprons, mostly 9.5 gram(10 gram) and 12 gram, and had to fold them one by one for better usage.

Other nations and places do not require folding, they prefer 100 or 50 pieces in a single bag or box, with dimensions ranging from 60*80cm for children to 70*120cm, 80*140cm, and 80*160cm for adults, and weights ranging from 7.0 gram to 25 gram. It varies greatly depending on the type of consumer and the industry.

The first step in manufacturing plastic aprons is to cut the film into 25 pieces, 40 pieces, 50 pieces, 100 pieces, or 200 pieces, depending on the thickness, then place them on the punch machine’s bottom board and punch them using the planned models. The aprons are now done, and it’s quite simple.

We have over 15 years of expertise making disposable plastic aprons and are one of the first factories to make this type of aprons. We have 18 blowing film machines, allowing us to make over one million aprons every day. We are a professional plastic apron manufacturer in China, and we are your finest disposable apron wholesale supplier.


Disposable Plastic Aprons


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