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Plastic disposable aprons UK import supplier management

In the trade of plastic disposable aprons UK importer, we often have “strict” management of domestic suppliers and a lack of management, or even no management, of foreign suppliers. Why is this the case?
In sino-foreign joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned enterprises, most of those imported suppliers directly used imported from foreign parties previous, procurement staff does not understand “why to choose this supplier”, the supply market has not done sufficient market research, basically in the implementation of the so-called “strategic sourcing”. “Most of them also provide information and support to the headquarters, and are rarely involved in the development of `sourcing strategies’.”
Even in the case of domestic companies, foreign suppliers are mostly approached by sales representatives in China, and Chinese procurement staff is not familiar with the global supply market. Therefore, I would like to use a special phrase – we should change procurement from “reactive” to “proactive”, which we can learn from foreign companies’ ” Global Sourcing “
Proactive sourcing
In the past, we passively accepted foreign plastic suppliers; in the future, we should source globally, based on our corporate strategy. It is important to be aware of this and to build capacity in this area. The question that buyers should always ask themselves is: are there better sources of supply?
Proactive management
Foreign suppliers must also be included in the unified management process. Some people say that it is inconvenient to go abroad for inspection, or that foreign suppliers do not accept management. If it is inconvenient to go abroad, we can set up offices abroad or find agents abroad. If foreign suppliers do not accept “management”, I think it is a problem of understanding or communication. Or our demands may be “excessive”, such as lack of planning, frequent changes, always in a hurry. These need to be improved by the purchasers themselves.

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