Disposable Aprons HS Code

How to easily find the correct HS code of any commodity, such as disposable aprons?

In international trade, the HS code for your product is on the commercial invoice that the buyer receives with the order. It can be used to classify the product during import and export business transactions and to calculate the applicable duties and taxes at the time of import. But how can we find the correct HS code for our products?

In world trade, the commodity code is essential, and the international common product customs code is only the first six digits. For example, the common HS code of disposable aprons is 392620, but this is far from enough. No matter what products you want to import, you must accurately query the customs code of each type of product. The following is an example of the U.S. import customs HS code to teach you how to check the commodity code of the country you want to import this product.

Each country has its own tariff inquiry system, you can go to the government website of the country you want to import, and the inquiry idea is the same for each country. Below I will use the US government website as an example for demonstration.

The product I want to inquire about is a poly disposable apron without sleeves.

First: Open the US HS Code and tariff query website https://hts.usitc.gov/ and enter the product you want to check “disposable aprons”.


Dispsoable aprons HS Code

Second: Here you’ll get a page like this


Dispsoable aprons HS Code


Third: Filter your product’s code step by step according to its material, characteristics, size, etc


Dispsoable aprons HS Code


Disposable aprons is 3926.20 “Articles of apparel and clothing accessories (including gloves, mittens and mitts):”, then it “Seamless” and “disposable”, so the plastic disposable aprons’ HS Code is 3926.20.10.20.

It is worth noting that the customs code for import and export of each country will be different, this is the customs code for the import of American poly aprons, the code used for export should be checked separately. However, the first six digits are still the same: 3926.20.

The inquiries of other products are similar to disposable aprons. Just screen them step by step according to their own product characteristics. If you don’t know how to do so, you can leave a message for me.

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