Clear, White & Blue Disposable Plastic Cooking Aprons

Disposable Aprons

Disposable aprons are used almost everywhere in our lives. It is suitable for every place in life, not only for family kitchen, food processing but also for hair dyeing, shampoo, cleaning, and so on.
Our Clear, White & Blue Disposable Plastic Cooking Aprons are more used for the kitchen. They are cheap and easy to swear. Disposable use, destroy after use.

What plastic aprons are mainly made of? Polyethylene film. This is sanitary, safe, non-toxic, tasteless, light and soft, high strength, and resistant to crumpling. According to the requirements of customers to make into different sizes, thickness, different packaging. It is a method to cater to the convenience of use, can meet the needs of different customers.
Our Clear, White & Blue Disposable Plastic Cooking Aprons, in addition to being used in the kitchen, some hospitals also use this. In addition, shopping malls, hotels, medical and health, family life, paint protection, beauty salon, gardening, factory labor insurance, etc., cheap, easy to wear, waterproof and oil-proof, protection work.
Our plastic apron factory has more than 20 years of disposable apron experience. It is one of the first domestic manufacturers of this kind of poly apron. The production ability is more than 1 million pieces. We are a professional manufacturer of plastic cooking aprons in China. Also, we are the best supplier of plastic disposable aprons.
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