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PE Aprons is one of the specialist disposable apron manufacturers in China, you can purchase stock or customize your own plastic aprons here.

Ever wonder how plastic aprons are made? Here is a step-by-step video inside our disposable apron factory workshop showing you the manufacturing process of the plastic disposable aprons.

Our plastic aprons production process is visual, from raw material, blown film, hot cutting, packaging, to the final box.

We are direct disposable aprons suppliers, we have carried out strict quality control, modern intelligent equipment also ensures that our production process, the yield is a great improvement.

Disposable Apron

Disposable aprons are waterproof, preventing ache, alkaline, oil, bacilli, light, better feeling, cheaper price. Plastic disposable aprons is really ideal, economical protection product, is mainly used for the cleanness of home, test food or defend of industry or agriculture, etc

plastic disposable aprons

Disposable Salon Capes

When you cut or dye hair at home, maybe often get your clothes dirty. In the hairdressing salon, with the use of these disposable salon capes, even the cleanest customer-as the first user-will feel very comfortable.

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We do plastic aprons disposable only.

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Ron Burnwood
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Lily Granger​
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Jeson Foxx


Each of our plastic aprons is customized for clients, according to the size, thickness, color, packing, and so on. If you want to buy plastic aprons disposable from manufatctures, you can also contact us, we will supply the existing products specifications and quantity for you to choose from. Talk to us. We’d love to hear from you.