Disposable Aprons

Where to buy plastic aprons on a roll?

As a manufacturer of disposable aprons, I’d like to give my advice on where to buy plastic apron on a roll.

Plastic products account for a large part of China, a big manufacturing and exporter country. The industrial base of plastic products is mainly concentrated in Shandong. As a plastic base, due to the relatively large production scale, the cost of all aspects of manufacturing has been greatly reduced. With automated product technology, skilled workers, and large-scale production, Weifang has become the city with the largest number of plastic aprons exported in Shandong. Weifang is a place where plastic manufacturers gather and are exported to countries all over the world.

Our factory mainly produces plastic aprons on a roll of various sizes, ranging from 60 cm to 85 cm in width and from 90 cm to 150 cm in length. The thickness ranges from 10 microns to 40 microns and the weight ranges from 5.0 grams to 30 grams. Small aprons are mainly used by children or restaurants. We also call poly aprons, food aprons, print aprons, restaurant aprons.
Disposable PE aprons are mainly white and blue, but some other customers need pink or custom printing but must use food contact masterbatch.

The materials of make plastic aprons include HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE. The formula for each factory is almost the same. The packaging of aprons is in bags or boxes. Japanese and medical customers need to be folded one by one, and some medical customers wanted them in small bags. Our factory can provide customers with various forms of packing aprons. Contact us as soon as directly online!

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