Wholesale Cheap Medical Disposable Poly Aprons

PE Aprons are a manufacturer of plastic aprons, ranging from standard to bespoke, made to measure specialist disposable aprons for importer, trader, brander, and distributor. And we have our own factory in Weifang, China, not a trading company.


Disposable Plastic Aprons

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100pcs/bag, 200pcs/roll, Customized

We customize the Wholesale Cheap Medical Disposable Poly Aprons according to the customer’s requirements. Polythene is the material of poly aprons. They are resistant to liquid, anti-bacteria, and prevent liquid transfer. It is also very suitable for studio use, for washing and wet maintenance. So, we recommend them as disaster packages.

We widely use cheap disposable aprons in our life, such as food processing. Our poly aprons protect clothing from liquid spills and splashes as part of an effective infection control strategy. Economy-saves time and reduces the cost of your laundry, no longer washing aprons!

White Medical disposable aprons are ideal for bedside, cleaning, and medical environments. Anti-bacterial makes them ideal for use in healthcare environments and upholding Health and Hygiene standards. Material is not only resistant to fluid but also bacteria penetration. Also, ideal for both professional and personal use.
The blue poly apron is the best choice for food cleaning, kitchen, and other occasions.

Fasten your neck and belt on each apron-put it on and off quickly and easily. When changing the environment, handle the apron to prevent bacterial contamination and control infection.

Whole disposable aprons on a roll for convenience to use.
Flat packaging makes each apron easy to stick, easy to take, and easy to store.

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