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Plastic disposable aprons are made from the raw material of HDPE /LDPE /LLDPE. All aprons are available in the color blue, white, but some other customers need them in pink or customized. The thickness of the apron is from 10 microns to 40 microns, weight is from 5. 0gram to 30gram, while every factory is nearly the same in this, there are also customers who customize their own special sizes.

Our disposable aprons are waterproof, anti-corrosion, strong pulling force, anti-tearing, anti-bacterial and other characteristics, and the use is light and convenient. Disposable aprons are packaged in rolled and plain packages, and some customers need separate boxes or bags for packaging, which can also be customized. Some customers need an apron for a package, which we can also provide.

Our plastic aprons are suitable for different environments, whether in nursing homes, restaurants, schools, or slaughterhouses and in other environments that need protection. As a manufacturer specializing in plastic aprons, we have customers all over the world, whether it is ODM or OEM, we can provide customers with appropriate solutions.

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