Disposable Salon Shampoo Capes

PE Aprons are a manufacturer of Disposable Salon Capes, ranging from standard to bespoke, made to measure specialist capes for importer, trader, brander, and distributor. And we have our own factory in Weifang, China, not a trading company.

Disposable Salon Shampoo Capes is apparel that, offers effective protection against liquid and waste. Besides, the apparel made by high-density polyethylene(HDPE) or low-density polyethylene (LDPE), it also can offer basic protection such as particle and splashes.

Furthermore, our Disposable Shampoo Capes which apparel protection against liquid & chemical splash, animal fats, oil, and greases. Available in two lengths to protect the torso.
This clear cape is convenient for pullover styling and waist ties as able for the wearer to wear and remove quickly and easily.

Big size design is available to cover your whole body, make sure anti-dirt
Neck Hung design is a good point to avoid sliding down when you are doing a hairstyle.
Also with a tie to adjust the size to fit you. Make yourself comfortable.
Soft shiny PE or polythene materials are welcome and depend on your choice.
Also, your logo is available to put on the apron for advertising.

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