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How to do a poly apron supply market analysis?

Poly apron supply market analysis should be based on the “PESTEL” approach.
–Political stability, such as government influence on trade, taxation on prices, etc. For example, U.S. sanctions against North Korea and Iran will affect oil and coal purchases; Western countries’ export restrictions on China’s highly sophisticated technology, etc., will have a significant impact on purchases.
–interest rates, inflation and exchange rates, economic cyclicality, industry shifting trends, etc. In this regard, we should pay attention to some general trends in industrial relocation. For example, some years ago, developed countries implemented economic “globalization”, and now the rise of trade protectionism, coupled with the gradual loss of China’s original low-cost advantage, has led to a phenomenon in China: low-end manufacturing shifting, high-end manufacturing back.
–Population and its trends, lifestyles, cultural habits, living environment and work habits.
–Technological advances, product innovations, and technological innovations. The pace of technological change is so fast that buyers need to be sensitive to it and should update their knowledge in this area in real time.
–The environment here is not only environmental protection, but also social responsibility. Restricting the import of “foreign garbage” from abroad has a great impact on the aluminum, steel and paper-making industries.
–Laws and regulations. Every country has its own laws and there are various international agreements. It is easy to get into trouble when you do not know what these are. Many of the “international news stories” that we see are the result of unfamiliarity with and disrespect for the laws of the country in which they occur.
In general, the international supply market is in a state of flux: political agreements between countries may suddenly restrict the export of certain products; suppliers are being merged, reorganized, acquired by competitors, or may suddenly go bankrupt. A product is in short supply due to a sharp rise in demand; low wages and tax incentives in certain countries have led to the transfer of many supply bases to countries such as Vietnam and India.
Purchasers must anticipate changes in supply and demand for a relevant poly apron and make appropriate purchasing decisions.
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